Several programs under the National Food Production Program launched

The second phase of ‘Rata Wenuwen Ekata Sitimu’ (Let’s be together) national development program was launched yesterday (08th) targeting Batticaloa District.
In accordance with the instructions and guidance of President Miathripala Sirisena, the Presidential Secretariat commenced the Programme of Ekata Sitimu (Let’s be together) with the aim of monitoring the implementation of national development projects such as Gramashakthi Programe, National Drug Prevention Programme, Protect Children National Programme, National Chronic Kidney Prevention Programme, National Food Production Programme and Environment Protection Programme and special development projects and various programmes implemented by the different Ministries ensure that they are implemented efficiently and productively for the benefit of the public.
This program will also help to identify the public issues already identified by the government institutions and work to solve these issues with maximum efficiency through the state mechanism.
The very first program was held in the Puttlam district recently and it is now planned to implement as the Island wide program at district level.
The second phase of the project will be held until on 12th of April covering all (14) Divisional Secretariats in Batticaloa District.
At the same time, several development programs were implemented under the National Food Production Program in several Divisional Secretariats in the district.
Its first programme was held at Thanthamelai area in the Manmunei Divisional Secretariat where of supplementary food crop seeds were distributed and awareness programs for farmers were also held.
In addition, TOM EJC mango plants, Water pump, peanut seeds were also distributed and awareness program for farmers in Manmulai, Kokkadicholai area were conducted.
The program was organized in Manmunaiiputthu, Kirankulam Central area and the Eravur Pattu, Mawalayaru area at Koralayapattu Central area. Additional seeds were distributed among farmers and held awareness program for farmers as well.