The official discussion held between President Sirisena and the Chinese President Xi Jinping was concluded in a fruitful manner and the Chinese President pledged to provide every possible assistance to Sri Lanka to curb terrorism.  

The Chinese government has taken steps to provide a grant of Rs 2,600 million for Security Forces during this emergency situation on a request by President Maithripala Sirisena. The Chinese President has also agreed to immediately release 100 jeeps and many other equipment costing Rs. 1,500 million to the Sri Lanka Police Department.

President Sirisena briefed his Chinese counterpart about the Easter Sunday attacks, steps taken by the government following the attacks and the new security mechanism put in place by the government.

The discussion also focused on strengthening cooperation in the defence sector and sharing intelligence between the two countries.

President Sirisena said that the country does not have technological expertise and equipment to trace the individuals who are fanning the flames of terrorism by propagating false information through social media.

The Chinese President agreed to provide necessary technological expertise and equipment to the country immediately. He also informed President Sirisena that a Chinese technical team will be sent to Sri Lanka soon to look into the matter. Both leaders also discussed on the progress of development projects being implemented in the country with Chinese financial assistance. Sri Lanka President said that he expects to complete the constructions of these projects soon.

A meeting between president Sirisena and the Prime minister of China Li Keqiang was held at Beijing yesterday (15th). Then, China’s Prime Minister also stressed that China is firmly in touch with Sri Lanka in the fight against terrorism.

After one year a number of tourists from China are reaching Sri Lanka and one of the most profound investment opportunities will be carried on by China. Managing the political circumstance emerged as the leader of the state, the security of the parties that have invested and hope to invest in Sri Lanka in the  future and the security of the tourists are to ensured where the President discussed the decisions on behalf of that.

Meanwhile, the international Conference on Asian civilization was addressed by the President where he expressed to world leaders that it is essential to join hands together with the allied countries to eradicate terrorism from the world. Leaders and other representatives from 47 countries listened to President Sirisena’s speech with admiration as a leader who has fought against terrorism and has carried a broader program against terrorism.