Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will answer the questions raised by the Members of Parliament today.

This will be the first time that Prime Minister Rajapaksa will be answering the questions directed to the Prime Minister, the Parliament Communications Office said in a communique.

The Committee on Parliamentary Business chaired by Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya, decided to schedule the Parliament sittings from today to February 7.

Accordingly, the regulations under the Motor Traffic Act will be debated in Parliament today. The Parliament will meet at 1.00 pm and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa will answer oral questions of the Members of Parliament from 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm.

The adjournment debate by the Tamil National Alliance will be taken into discussion from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

The orders under the Special Commodity Levy Act will be taken into debate on February 6 and a proposal for the Vote of Condolence on behalf of four late Parliamentarians will be presented to Parliament on February 7.

The Vote of Condolence will be held for the MP