The Presidential Secretariat had received information about several instances of fraudsters collecting money using COVID – 19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund as cover.

The Secretary to the President requests the public to make their contributions to the Fund only through direct bank deposits, cheques or any other approved mean and not to donate money to any organizations or individuals.

The Government advises the entire population to observe “health quarantine”. The provision of their daily needs of food, medicine and other essentials services is being carried out according to the regulations and guidelines of health authorities and the Elections Commission.

The Secretary appeals to the public to inform such misdeeds to the nearest Police station. In this regard further information can be obtained from Mr. K. B. Egodawele, Director General (Administration) through 011 2354479/ 0112 354354.

With direct contributions from the public, the COVID – 19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund reached Rs. 314.5 million mark today (April 02nd).

The Fund’s balance increased with the contributions of Rs. 10 million each by the Telecom Engineers Benevolent Fund and the Ceylon Electricity Board Independent Engineers Association and Rs.50 million by the Cargills (Ceylon) PLC.

A special account had been opened at the Corporate Branch of the Bank of Ceylon under the account number of 85737373. Local as well as foreign donors have made their contributions to the Fund. Donations to COVID – 19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund have been exempted from taxes and foreign exchange regulations. Deposits can be made through cheques or telegraphic transfers.