President Gotabaya Rajapaksa emphasized that doing what’s right is a grave challenge and added that despite the magnitude of a challenge, the desired goals can be achieved by moving forward together. The President made these remarks at a discussion held with Agrarian Service Officers via video technology, yesterday.

The President pointed out that the desired objectives could be achieved by resolving the difficulties faced by the farmers and it is very important to meet the farmers and explain the accurate facts. The main objective of the government is to create an environment where the farmers can earn a better income while protecting the environment and public health. The President stated that the goal of green agriculture is to benefit not just one or two seasons, but provide benefits for generations. The President pointed out that it is the responsibility of the officials to identify the major problems faced by the farmers and to make the government aware of them and it would then be possible to seek expert assistance in resolving these issues. The President also stressed to the officials that he would never ask anyone to do anything wrong.

The introduction of green agriculture could not lead to a reduction in cultivated lands. The President also said that it is the responsibility of all on behalf of the country to encourage farmers to move forward with the use of organic fertilizer.

The government took steps to import liquid nitrogen enriched with nitrogen nutrients in order to provide the world’s most recognized eco-friendly fertilizer to the farmers.