Media Minister Dullas  Alahapperuma says that the role of journalists is crucial to clear any confusion relating to the vaccine roleout and build trust among the public ensuring that they have access to information they require. The Minister also said that it is the responsibilty of the journalists to provide accurate and evidence-based coverage of the aspects of the vaccine roleout.He was speaking at an event organized at the Jayewardanapura Hospital yesterday to administer the third vaccine to journalists. 
"Such an event was not organized for propaganda purposes. People in this country seem to be reluctant to get the third vaccine, based on certain myths.
So far, less than five million people have received the third vaccine. Health officials have already warned of a deadly outbreak. Therefore, the media has a responsibility to make the public aware of this. As a policy maker in charge of the subject, I urge you to educate the public against this ignorance and myth. "
Recalling that the number of infected people in the economically strong United States, which has one of the most advanced health systems in the world, has exceeded one million daily, the Minister pointed out that Sri Lanka as a country is in a very good position.
"No matter what the political camp, we must not forget His Excellency the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's excellent leadership in the vaccination program. As a result, we have been able to rise as a healthy nation," Minister Dullas Alahapperuma added. 
Secretary to the Ministry Anusha Pelpita and several others were present at the occasion.