Director of the Mental Health Department of the Ministry of Health Dr. Rohan Ratnayake, yesterday said that 3,406 suicides had been reported last year and one suicide is reported every four hours.

 He also stated that suicides can be prevented if mental health is improved.

He said this yesterday (16) while participating in a workshop held jointly by the Ministry of Media and the Ministry of Health at the Sri Lanka Administrative Development Institute.

He said that 2,832 of the suicides reported last year were men and the remaining 574 were women. Accordingly, the number of cases of male suicides is higher than female suicides.

Dr. Rohan Ratnayake also said that people resort to suicide due to chronic illnesses, impotence, mental illness and drug addiction etc.

The Director of Mental Health said that more suicides had taken place in Gampaha and Kurunegala Districts while suicides in the Gampaha District had increased irregularly last year.